Weddings are very personal and there is no wedding that fits all. What you want may be something slightly different. While the latest wedding trends change, so does taste and style. Being event designers we can meet all our clients needs and styles. We are not just floral designers we help create full looks from the right linens to tableware, we are always here to help.



We are seeing that many brides are going with the relaxed and informal gatherings approach. Having a large wedding guest list is no longer trending.  Couples are opting for more intimate, meaningful celebrations inviting their nearest and dearest. This is allowing couples to spend on having a more extravagant wedding with a smaller group. 

We are seeing more intimate ceremonies. These intimate weddings are referred to as “micro weddings” ; these occasions tend to be around 50 or less. It can be formal or informal, and you can keep with tradition, or take a modern approach.

Since this allows more of a per person budget couples are using the extra cash to add on extra gems like wine tasting or tapa stations, even personalized favors. Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest – one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

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New wedding reception trends include cutting back on guests doesn’t mean you have to cut back on extravagance. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. 

So, it’s no surprise that one of the latest wedding trends right now is for oversize decor and giant statements. Imagine heralding guests into the reception with smoke flares, wrapped dance floors  and fireworks. Think huge balloons and oversize centrepieces that take your breath away when you walk into a room.

Giving your wedding that personal style makes it your own, from giant balloons, floral arches and hanging displays to balloon walls and giant lights.

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A defining part of any big day, flower displays provide a visual uplift and can even transform a venue.  

The latest trend report from Brides magazine highlights a few floral trends to adopt into your big day this year.

Going local is a big new wedding trend we’ve seen in recent years. Sourcing flowers from your nearest independent florist is a great way to put your personal stamp on the day.


Photo credit: Flavio Studios-Zoe’s House of Flowers

Bold statement colours are all the rage, as well as those with different textures and shapes. Speak to your florist about how they can layer up displays with an explosion of colour. Go big on scents too – this is going to be a big wedding trend that you’ll smell more of in the coming year!

It’s all about getting creative too. Think about different ways that flowers can add a pop of colour to other parts of the day, from flowers frozen in ice-cubes, to floral hair weaves for the bridal party.

And when it comes to your bridal bouquet, it’s all about understated tidy bouquets with plenty of overflowing greenery for a majestic look.


In these eco-conscious times we live in, now more than ever, couples are looking at ways to host responsibly. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Wedding venues are being greener and becoming more sustainable, many venues that provide in-house catering will use locally sourced produce, as well as other areas within their business to be more eco friendly.

One of the new wedding trends is for couples to upcycle, or to pledge a commitment to zero waste. This can be from offering wedding flowers away to good causes, to going plastic-free on your big day.

Other ways that couples can achieve this wedding trend is to swap out plastic straws for paper ones, sharing wedding day flowers and décor with other couples using the venue, and offering to ‘replant trees’ as a wedding favour. 

Photo Credit: Flavio Studios-Zoe's House of Flowers


Although these are popular, make sure you do things your way, trends are great for ideas and seeing what others are doing, but make sure you do things how you want. Make your own style.

Whatever the trends remember this is your day, so make it your own and make it how you want it, don’t worry about what’s popular and what others are doing. It is great for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you do it your way.



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