Why Giving Your Florist Creative Freedom Is Important?

You're planning a wedding and that is so exciting! I’m sure you’ve given this a lot of thought, by now you have ideas for everything and saving them on a pinterest board. You have ideas of which linens you want, how your cake should look, liittle details from signs to candles and of course flowers.  Flowers are the element that ties it all together from bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony flowers and more.

Let’s talk about how important it is to give your florist some creative freedom in your floral design for your wedding. Believe me being a control freak myself, I’m in no way saying hire someone and let them do whatever they want, but once you’ve hired someone you trust and you’ve discussed colors and style let them create a concept for you. While pinterest and instagram are incredible ways to know what you have in mind, isn’t it even better to have someone take those ideas and create a unique design for you. Afterall, wouldn’t you love your wedding to be the next inspiration for someone else’s wedding instead of a copy of someone’s wedding? Maybe there’s a specific flower you must have and some little touches that are important to you, but you should also trust that your florist wants your wedding to look as perfect as you do. Afterall, your wedding is their advertisement for future brides and a way for them to show off their work.Once your florist understands the look you want, he/she will be able to effectively portray that in the design, making you both look great.


 Having a mind set of my way or the highway, can take what would have been an amazing day and turn it into the most stressful day. There are so many aspects of life which are uncontrollable, when it come to weddings (especially in Florida) ;) weather is one of them. We have seen so many times where brides fall to pieces because their outdoor wedding must now come in. I even worked managing a venue where a bride fought against all of the warning signs of a hurricane, refussing to reschedule her wedding, only to have to do it in the end for safety reasons and loosing her mind on the venue. In order to ensure that your day is just as beautiful as you imagined, sometimes being willing to bend can make a difference.


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